Instagram Sensation Janna Breslin has LASIK Surgery at Clearview

Janna Breslin gets LASIK Eye Surgery at Clearview with Dr. Sandy T. Feldman in San Diego

But gosh I was really anxious for this!! I did a ton of research and did MANY consultations. I've been thinking about doing LASIK for years but was so intimidated by it so never committed.

As promised, and requested by a lot of my supporters, here is a recap of my surgery day at @clearviewlasik. Pre surgery, my vision was 20/40. The morning after at my post op I was at 20/15. I was so lucky to have come across Dr. Sandy T. Feldman and HIGHLY recommend this office to anyone interested in LASIK, PRK/ASA, or SMILE. Dr. Feldman has performed thousands of these procedures and I'm lucky enough for her to be in San Diego!

First thoughts after and even during surgery... if I had to do this again I would have no problem haha. Wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Still healing but VERY happy with my decision thus far! I was so happy with my experience.


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