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The Clearview LASIK Video Contest for Free Custom LASIK is owned and operated by Clearview Eye and Laser Medical Center - San Diego's premier LASIK eye surgery center featuring Dr. Sandy T. Feldman and her associates, Drs. Fabian Luna, Jennifer Werrell and Dr. Walton. Using state of the art technology to deliver patients great vision. She and the Clearview team practice with professionalism and integrity, and are passionate and dedicated about helping people see better.



All entries must be submitted by the deadline of April 13th 2014 at 9pm PST. We highly encourage you to submit your entry as early as possible so that you will not miss the deadline. This will also give you more time to share your video and accumulate votes. Videos must fall into one of the following categories: "Funny" or "Life Changing". Each contestant can submit only one video per category.

Contestants must be over the age of 18 and determined to be a candidate for the LASIK procedure by Clearview Eye and Laser Medical Center. If you are submitting a video for a friend or family member (anyone other than yourself), you must be over the age of 18 to submit a video for them. Contestants must NOT have had LASIK or cataract and refractive surgery before. Winners must be eligible for LASIK in order to accept the prize, and Clearview reserves the right to refuse LASIK treatment to the winner if they do not qualify a good LASIK candidates.

After the Entry Period there will be an extended voting period which ends April 20th at 9pm PST. When this voting period is over, the top 10 videos with the most votes (5 videos per category) will be submitted to a judge. The judge will choose the 2 final winners - one from each video category (Funny and Life-Changing).

The grand prize of free bilateral LASIK, depending on qualification for the procedure by the winner, will result in free pre-operative tests, the actual LASIK procedure on BOTH eyes, and any necessary post-operative follow-ups / check-ups following the procedure (this includes typical and customary LASIK follow-ups for up to one (1) year after the procedure is performed).

Contestants MUST submit video content that is appropriate for family viewing. Clearview reserves the right to disqualify and remove submissions that are inappropriate in nature. Additionally, video and audio content used in the contestant submissions MUST NOT contain copyrighted material, or material that they do not have permission to use.

By submitting video entries, contestants relinquish ownership rights of all content featured in the video. Clearview will consider all material submitted as property of Clearview Eye and Laser Medical Center, and may use these videos in any way that it chooses. Further, Clearview reserves the right to download or copy versions of your work for use during the contest.

The grand prize of FREE LASIK at Clearview is not valid on (or in conjunction with) any other procedure or eye treatment or vision correction outside of the LASIK procedure. This includes the exclusion of ICL, pterygium surgery, collagen crosslinking, IOL's, and Cataract procedures that are also available at Clearview Eye and Laser Medical Center. 

Every contestant will receive $500 per eye off LASIK. That means you could get up to $1,000 off the regular price of LASIK. The savings of $500 per eye cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions. Additional prizes may be awarded randomly throughout the contest at the discretion of Clearview.

The Clearview LASIK Video Contest expires on Sunday April 13th 2014 at 9:00pm PST (US/Pacific). All contestants must enter their videos on or before that date to be eligible for the Grand Prize of FREE bilateral LASIK from Clearview.

Registration Terms and Conditions:

By registering with and the Facebook contest run as part of this Contest, contestants agree to receive promotional material from Clearview Eye and Laser Medical Center and its related affiliates. Clearview will not sell, lease or distribute your contact information to any outside parties unaffiliated with Clearview Eye and Laser Medical Center, and will use your contact information for the sole-purpose of offering special promotions and incentives from Clearview Eye and Laser Medical Center, as well as important contestant notifications from the Clearview Smartphone Video Contest for Free Custom LASIK.

Registrants have an opportunity with each email to unsubscribe from our contact listings if they decide to discontinue contact from Clearview and its affiliated partners in vision correction. 

Finalist Voting Terms and Conditions:

The Clearview LASIK Video Contest limits users to submit only one vote per day, per IP address. This is in an effort to curb abuse of the voting system and any other malicious activity in attempt to tamper with voting results. Clearview reserves the right and ability to disqualify any video finalist who is suspected of deliberately attempting to gain an unfair advantage over other contestants, including (but not limited to) inflating their own voting results themselves or through a 3rd party (friend, family member, etc.). This is especially the case with videos that have been voted on from the same IP address a large number of times, but smaller inflation attempts are also subject to review.

If there are any questions or concerns about the Clearview LASIK Video Contest or its registration terms and conditions that are unclear, call 858-452-3937.Clearview will not be responsible for clarification problems if any dispute is not completely resolved by the involved participant or parties if they in fact do not clarify with a Clearview representative.

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