PRK, LASEK, Advanced Surface Ablation

ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center of San Diego is proud to offer Advanced Surface Ablation or modern photorefractive keratectomy ( PRK ) as a vision correction option for our patients.

San Diego PRK Client Custom PRK is similar to LASIK in that it is a refractive eye surgery that uses advanced laser technology to reshape the cornea of your eye (see PRK Compared With LASIK below). Using a WaveFront-guided excimer laser, Dr. Feldman can correct nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), or astigmatism.

How PRK Eye Surgery Works

In re-sculpting your cornea, or the front surface of your eye, Dr. Feldman is able to greatly improve your eye's ability to focus light onto your retina. This enables your eye to function correctly and see much more clearly. 

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PRK Compared with LASIK

Benefits and Risks

Dr. Feldman uses the same advanced laser technology for PRK as for LASIK. Nationwide, 98% of patients using this technology see 20/20 or better following PRK. Many see even better than they did before with glasses or contact lenses. There are some risks, but they are rare and typically can be treated by Dr. Feldman after the procedure.  These risks include under or over-correction, haloes, light sensitivity and dryness.

I am now 20/15 with no negative effects. Thank you so much.
— R.W

If you are considering PRK or any kind of laser eye surgery in San Diego, call or email us to schedule your free PRK eye surgery consultation .

ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center provides PRK eye surgery procedures in the San Diego, California area. We offer this web page as general information. This information should not be considered formal medical advice. Please contact us today for formal advice during a complimentary PRK eye surgery consultation in San Diego.

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