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Laser Vision Center in San DiegoAt ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center, we work hard every day to give you the best possible laser vision results as well as the personal attention you and your eyes deserve. Dr. Feldman prides herself on the relationships she builds with each patient and always has time to answer all questions and to explain the treatment options in detail.

I was extremely happy with the cleanliness of the facility. Dr. Feldman is great- very professional, yet calming.
— J.C.

In addition to only utilizing the most advanced and proven technologies when treating your eyes, we truly measure our success by your satisfaction and comfort. The referrals and positive feedback we receive from our patients on a daily basis continually motivates us to work harder every day and keep building on the solid foundation that has guided our practice from day one.

Our staff possesses an unbeatable combination of professional skill and personal compassion that you cannot find anywhere else. To learn more about Dr. Feldman, please click on each link below.

To meet Dr. Feldman and her staff in person, please contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation today.

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