Laser Cataract Surgery - Diagnosis and Treatment

Clearview Eye and Laser Medical Center is proud to be the first in San Diego to offer the new FDA-approved OptiMedica Catalys Precision Laser System. The system offers a breakthrough in Cataract surgery bringing Laser precision and consistency to Cataract surgery.

Catalys Cataract Laser Surgery System

Benefits of Laser Cataract Surgery with Catalys:

  • Customized Treatment: 3D Eye Imaging allows for unprecedented accuracy.
  • Reduced treatment time and speedy recovery.
  • Unmatched Precision: Increased accuracy and precision enables Dr. Feldman to provide a tailored treatment plan that is unique for your eye.

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The Catalys Precision Laser System offers next generation technology that brings both laser precision and computer-guided consistency to Cataract surgery.. Treatment is tailored to each individual's eye, making the experience better for patients and enhancing the accuracy, safety and visual results


  • Insurance Provider: We accept Medicare and most PPO insurance.
  • The fee for this visit is determined by your insurance provider. We will collect the co-pay as designated by your provider at your appointment.
  • We do not accept HMO or Medicare HMO. There will be a charge to the patient for their visit.
  • You should plan on being at the center/office for approximately 2 hours for your consultation.

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