Intacs™ Eye Implants are small crescent-shaped segments of plastic that are implanted on the periphery of your cornea to treat nearsightedness, astigmatism and keratoconus, a disease characterized by a thin, cone-shaped cornea. If you want to improve your vision, but you can't have LASIK because you have very thin corneas or keratoconus, Intacs may be a good solution for you.

How They Work and Benefits

Intacs Patients from San DiegoIntacs corneal ring implants work by flattening the cornea into the correct shape to reduce distortions and refocus light back to the retina in an optimal fashion. The thickness of the Intacs material, which is made of a biodegradable medical polymer, determines the degree of flattening that can be achieved. Once in place, the Intacs can improve vision a great deal:

  • Up to half of keratoconus patients achieve 20/40 vision or better (the results depend on the degree of keratoconus in each patient).
  • 97 percent of nearsighted patients have 20/40 vision or better within 12 months, and 74 percent achieve 20/20 or better within the same time frame.

Implanting Intacs is a minimally invasive procedure because they are small and don't require the removal of any corneal tissue from your eye. They also can be easily and safely removed from the eye if patients experience side effects or complications.

Risks and Complications

Around four to six percent of Intacs are removed due to minor complications which include:

    Dr. S. Feldman and staff,Thank you so much for taking care of my eyes, I will be forever grateful!
     - Connie Manese
  • Over or under correction
  • Glare
  • Haloes
  • Night vision difficulties

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