January is National Eye Care Month

Start the New Year right by taking care of your eyes. Dr. Feldman and the staff at Clearview Eye and Laser Medical Center are passionate about proper eye care. January starts off the year by recognizing the importance of eye care all month long. Schedule an examination with Dr. Feldman at Clearview Eye and Laser Medical Center in San Diego today to help you see better tomorrow.

January Eye Care Month

Annual Eye Exam

You should always schedule an eye exam for you and your loved ones at least once a year. Here are just a few reasons why taking the time to get your eyes checked annually is important;

Early detection

A lot can happen in one year. Still, by having an eye exam once a year, you will be giving yourself enough time for your Ophthalmologist to detect any deformities early on in their development. Addressing eye health issues before they progress and become more sever is always a good idea, as treating them early will minimize damage to your eyes and vision.

Protect Your Future Vision

Even if you have perfect vision, having an eye exam once a year will help you save your vision for the future. Many people start losing their vision gradually, without noticing its effects. The longer you go without an eye exam, the harder it will be for your ophthalmologist to correct the vision loss.

Help Promote Healthy Vision during January

After your eye exam, make sure you keep promoting National Eye Care Month by telling your friends and family. Additionally, you can donate your old eye glasses to local charities that help families who can't afford their own pair of eye glasses.

Schedule your appointment with Dr. Sandy T. Feldman at Clearview Eye and Laser Medical Center in San Diego today by calling (858) 452-3937. Your vision is one of your most important senses. Don't let this month pass by without taking care of your eyes!

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