Keratoconus Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Necessary For Individuals with Keratoconus to Wear Different Types of Lenses?

Lens fitting for Keratoconus patients is challenging, often making it necessary to use two different types of lenses. Although wearing identical lenses makes eye care simpler, Keratoconus patients often need different lenses to achieve a comfortable fit. It is not uncommon for a contact lens specialist to prescribe different types, or even different brands, of lenses. Each patient is unique, so schedule an appointment with Dr. Sandy Feldman today to discuss which lenses are best for you.

Do Keratoconus Patients Experience Balance Problems?

The brain processes information from the inner ear and the optical system to orient us and provide balance. Any condition that interrupts this flow of input, including keratoconus, can disrupt balance.

Fortunately, many balance problems caused by the optical system can easily be corrected by a doctor. Many times a simple change in prescription to correct the differences between eyes can fix the problem.

Be sure to discuss any balance issues with your physician. Balance problems can also be a symptom of very serious issues, including neurological problems. If your condition seems to worsen, consult your physician immediately.

Does High Blood Pressure Contribute to Keratoconus?

Although it is common for a certain amount of internal pressure to be present within the eye, high blood pressure is not necessarily a symptom of, or a contributor to, keratoconus. If you have high blood pressure, share that information with your eye care provider, as it can be indicative of glaucoma and other optical conditions.

Does Keratoconus Always Worsen Over Time?

Like most medical conditions, the progression of keratoconus is unpredictable and varies for each individual. Many patients maintain a mild form of the condition for long periods of time, while others seem to degenerate at a faster rate. Set up a consultation today with Dr. Feldman to discuss treatment options for your keratoconus.

Is It Normal to Have Eye Pain and Fatigue With Keratoconus?

Many patients report experiencing discomfort and pain, as well as periods of fatigue. Set up a consultation today to discuss your symptoms and concerns with Dr. Feldman, so she can find the best treatment option for your keratoconus.

Is It Normal to Experience Red Eyes With Keratoconus and Will Eye Drops Help?

If you are experiencing discomfort or redness, opt for preservative free artificial tears instead of eye drops that treat redness. Standard eye drops used to treat redness contain vasoconstrictors, a pharmaceutical that shrinks blood vessels. With extended use, these drops can cause more redness and irritation because your eyes become addicted to the medication. Conversely, artificial tears can ease the discomfort without the long term side effects.

Redness is often a sign that your lenses are not fitting correctly, possibly causing the ocular surface to dry out. In most cases Dr. Feldman can correct the problem by making a minor change to the fit, recommending a new lens material, care solution, or by polishing the lens surface.

Redness can also be caused by problems unrelated to keratoconus, such as dry eyes or allergies. Set up an appointment today to discuss the redness your eyes are experiencing so Dr Feldman can help identify and treat the problem.

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