Am I a Candidate for Lasik?

Discovering Your
Eligibility for LASIK

The first step to determine if you are an ideal candidate for LASIK vision correction is a personalized evaluation. We encourage you to schedule a free one-on-one consultation with Dr. Sandy Feldman, a leading personalized LASIK specialist in San Diego, and her team. We are dedicated to thoroughly addressing your inquiries about personalized LASIK with the most advanced (WaveFront-guided) technology available, ensuring that you receive the best vision correction treatment aligned with your vision goals.

Comprehensive Eye Assessment

During your consultation, a series of meticulous tests will be performed on your eyes. These assessments are crucial to discover whether Personalized LASIK vision correction is the optimal procedure for you.

Key Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for LASIK vision correction, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Age: Be at least 18 years old.
  • Prescription Stability: Have a stable prescription for at least one year.
  • Contact Lens Usage: Agree to discontinue wearing soft contact lenses for a minimum of three to 14 days before surgery. For hard or rigid contact lenses, a cessation period until stabilization of the eyes is required, typically spanning four to six weeks.
  • Health Considerations: Have no eye or systemic abnormalities that could affect the healing process.

Of several leading eye physicians I interviewed, Dr. Sandy Feldman was tops-by a huge margin. She discovered that I had an eye condition (missed by all the other physicians) that required treatment before the LASIK procedure. Dr. Feldman is meticulous, uses the latest equipment, and provided me with fantastic vision!
 - Dr. Kevin Byrne

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The LASIK doctor at ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center provides LASIK vision correction procedures in the San Diego, California area. This web page serves as general information and should not be considered formal medical advice.

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