How Much Does Lasik Cost?

Do You Know How Much You're Spending on Contacts?

A LASIK procedure may cost less than you might think.

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*Costs are estimates and provided for comparison purposes only. Your personal cost will vary.

Clearview Eye and Laser Medical Center works hard to make our services affordable and within the reach of any budget. Insurance companies rarely cover LASIK as it's considered elective surgery.

We are committed to a providing outstanding technology that is affordable. Patients should not have to choose one technology over another based-on pricing. When we recommend a LASIK treatment option the patient cost is the same for any of the treatments.

Our Fee Structure

We offer patient savings in a number a categories. We are most proud of our long standing "For those who serve" program that offers significant savings for both the participant and THEIR families!


Clearview offers financing options through CareCredit, who specializes in financing medical procedures with high approval rates.

Other Savings Options

Many employers offer programs that allow employees to set aside funds that are even tax free!

Payment Methods

We do not require or take prepayments or deposits. Payment is due on the date of your procedure.

We accept: Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks

Beware of "Cheap" LASIK

When it comes to LASIK, the old saying, "You get what you pay for," fits perfectly.

Some companies advertise for as low as $250 for LASIK but are full of RX restrictions, add on items, menu pricing and extra fees that can end up costing you a lot more.

Is LASIK Right For You?

We routinely hear patients state, "I have been thinking about or considering LASIK for years!" Get the facts about how LASIK has been changing lives for close to 20 years!

A complete eye exam and comprehensive testing needs to be performed to make sure LASIK is the right choice for you.

We evaluate your candidacy utilizing the most extensive testing systems available. We don't just tell you! We show you the results of every test and explain what the results mean for your "Personal LASIK Treatment."

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