What is bladeless LASIK?

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LASIK involves creating a flap and reshaping the middle layer of the cornea to correct one’s prescription.  Early, older technology involved using a semiautomated instrument to create the flap whereas today’s technology should involve using a femtosecond (bladeless) laser to create the flap.

The advantages of the modern laser are simple: Precision and Safety.  The laser allows for more customization of the flap size, hinge location, edge design as well as thickness of the flap. Simply put customization, is greater personalization of LASIK for your eyes. This enables eyes with flaps created with lasers to withstand more force as well as to allow for people with thinner eyes to undergo LASIK.

At Clearview, we believe that LASIK should be personalized for your eyes and your lifetstyle. Be sure to ask about our advanced technology during your consultation. 

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