Why Do I Have Follow-Up Exams After LASIK?

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Follow-up appointments are necessary and critical to your recovery. Your doctor at Clearview needs to monitor your progress to evaluate the results and healing after LASIK vision correction surgery. It is essential that we work together to attain the best outcome.

The first follow-up appointment is usually the day after surgery. Your eyes will be examined, visual acuity measured and confirm that the postoperative regimen is being followed. You may be given the ok to drive. This is also an opportunity to talk about any concerns and ask questions.

Over the course of the six-month healing period, you will have several additional follow-ups to check the progress of your healing and assess your vision. These appointments are also an opportunity for you to ask your doctor about anything you are experiencing, which activities you can resume, and any advice specifically based on your eyes and symptoms.

These follow-ups are important to your healing so that you will achieve your best vision. We at Clearview are dedicated to your comfort before, during and after surgery.

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