The iFS Laser-Ultimate Safety & Precision

The iFS laser offers a highly sophisticated way to prepare the eye for Personalized LASIK without a blade ever touching it . The Intralase method with the iFS laser makes it possible for the corneal flap to be 100 percent laser created, allowing for flap customization and an individualized treatment. Dr. Feldman specifies flap diameter, depth , hinge location and width, and side-cut architecture to meet the patient's individual needs. 100% blade-free.

The iFS (femtosecond) laser is the only FDA-cleared femtosecond laser proven with more than 10 years of clinical research improving both the safety and precision of LASIK. Nearly four million procedures have been performed with the IntraLase Method worldwide, accounting for more than 60 percent of all LASIK procedures in the U.S.*


The ultra-fast laser uses an infrared light beam, generating up to 60,000 pulses per second, to prepare an optimal corneal architecture below the flap.

iFS Laser
Using an "inside-out" process, the iFS laser is precisely focused to a point within the cornea, where thousands of microscopic bubbles are formed to define the architecture of the intracorneal surface and the resulting flap.
iFS Laser
The surgeon controls flap diameter, depth, hinge location and width, and side-cut architecture - factors that can be varied per patient. Bubbles are then stacked along the edge up to the corneal surface to complete step one.
Excimer Laser
The physician then exposes the prepared corneal bed for excimer laser treatment by lifting the flap. The LASIK procedure is complete when the flap is securely repositioned on its beveled edge.


Clinical studies show excellent visual outcomes and high patient satisfaction when the blade - free iFS Intralase Method is used. Personalized LASIK using the iFS laser is proven to provide faster visual recovery, fewer dry eyes symptoms,and maximum flap stability. And the iFS laser is 2.5 times faster than previous generation femtosecond lasers , creating precise, predictable flaps in less than 10 seconds per eye.

In addition to customization of the flap, the iFS laser creates a distinctive beveled-edge that allows for precise repositioning, alignment and seating of the LASIK flap for maximum stability- three times that of a blade created flap.


Prior to the iFS femtosecond laser, LASIK's first step was done manually with an oscillating razor blade, called a microkeratome. This device causes the majority of LASIK complications and can be unpredictable even in skilled hands.
The flap is then lifted to expose the inner cornea for the second step: vision treatment by the excimer laser.

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