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Dr. Sandy T. Feldman is one of the world's most renowned Personalized LASIK surgeons and corneal specialists. She uses only the most advanced laser technology and equipment from VISX, the global standard in innovative vision technology and medical equipment.

CustomVue™ LASIK

Personalized Lasik Procedures

A few years ago, your LASIK treatment plan was based on your prescription. With the introduction of CustomVue LASIK, Dr. Feldman is able to develop a customized treatment plan, which is personalized for your eyes. No two patients ever receive the same treatment.

CustomVue LASIK utilizes WaveScan® technology to deliver a safer and more accurate procedure. The WaveScan creates a map of all the imperfections in your entire visual system so that a truly personalized treatment plan can be developed. This map becomes your personal "eye fingerprint" as well. Your eye print is digitally transferred to the laser. Your eye print must match your "real" eye under the laser in order for the procedure to continue.

The CustomVue™ personalized laser vision correction is so precise that 98 percent of patients achieve 20/20 vision or better within 12 months*. Everyday you'll appreciate and enjoy the higher quality of vision, better nighttime vision, and added safety this amazing technology delivers.

*For prescriptions with up to six diopters of myopia and three diopters of astigmatism.

WaveScan Technology

The VISX CustomVue™ equipment scans your eye while you are seated comfortably. As the cornea, lens and retina is scanned, the information is returned to the CustomVue™ equipment. This information is sent to the STAR S4 IR™ system and converted into two 3-D maps, one for each of your eyes.

Your LASIK treatment will be based on these one-of-a-kind 3-D eye maps and totally customized to your unique vision needs. The mapping procedure takes just a few minutes and is done during your complimentary LASIK consultation.

Iris Registration

Iris registration is a recent software and hardware addition to the VISX excimer laser system. When we change position from sitting to lying down, our eyes can rotate or move a little. The iris registration feature keeps track of that movement and adjusts for it during the laser treatment.

Iris registration also enables the laser to properly center the custom treatment within the center of the pupil, even if the pupil changes size under different light levels.

This procedure only takes a few minutes to complete and is done during your complimentary LASIK consultation.

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ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center provides Wavefront LASIK laser technology in the San Diego, California area. We offer this web page as general information. This information should not be considered formal medical advice. Please contact us today for formal advice during a complimentary Wavefront LASIK laser technology consultation in San Diego.

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