Understanding Lasik

Getting Lasik can significantly improve the quality of an individual's life. Imagine being free of the need for glasses or contact lenses. Experience the gift of clear vision with Lasik by Clearview Eyes in San Diego.

What is Lasik

Lasik surgery is a laser eye surgery method for repairing flaws in the cornea, the outermost part of the eye, which serves as a lens. When an eye "sees" an object, the image of that object passes through the lens of the cornea to land on the retina, which is essentially the back interior wall of the eye. If there are flaws in the cornea, the image arrives distorted or blurry at the retina.

What Can Lasik Correct?

A cornea may suffer from a number of different flaws, called "refractive errors". In some cases, eyes may have more than one kind of refractive error, and each error causes a different type of vision impairment, the most common being:

  • Hyperopia also known as "farsightedness" is when you cannot see things close to the eyes clearly;
  • Myopia or "nearsightedness", is when you cannot see objects clearly at a distance;
  • Astigmatism is when a shape irregularity of the corneal surface causes poor refraction and distorts the image received at the retina.

Reasons to Get Lasik

Cost of Lasik - The cost of Lasik can vary depending on severity and medical history, however with financing options available, Lasik can be very affordable. Stop throwing money away by purchasing expensive glasses and contacts that are only a temporary solution to your vision needs.

No more Hassle - See the world clearly without the bother of contacts or glasses. No more fumbling in the morning to find your glasses so you can see. Don't waste your time putting in contacts day after day

Better Vision - The majority of patients achieve 20/20 vision after Lasik, with some patients achieving even better than 20/20.

No Down Time - Lasik is usually a quick procedure. The recovery time is also very minimal for most patients.

Freedom From Glasses - Stop letting your glasses define you. Step out of the house without having to be weighed down with eye drops and cases. Go to a restaurant and be able to read the menu without having to reach for your glasses, or play a quick game of your favorite sport without having to worry about breaking your glasses. Be free from all of these things and be able to simply open your eyes and see clearly.

Every day after getting Lasik you will find more reasons to justify your decision of getting the surgery.

Why Choose Us for Lasik

When deciding on where you should go to get your Lasik eye surgery it is important that you do your research. Dr. Sandy Feldman of Clear View Eye and Laser Medical Center has performed over 20 thousand refractive procedures. Dr. Feldman has the confidence that Lasik is so precise that she performed the surgery on her own husband. Dr. Feldman has performed surgery on so many athletes in Southern California area that she is considered "The Athlete's Choice."

She has also performed surgery on thousands of doctors including other surgeons, as well as the inventor of the WaveScanTM device, Dr. Josef Bille. Her experience along with the use of sophisticated technology that customizes the procedure for your eyes ensures the highest probability of attaining the best possible results.

Clearview Eye & Laser Medical Center is conveniently located in San Diego. With our year round beautiful weather, and an abundance of activities for everyone in the family it's no wonder why patients from all over the world travel to us to get Lasik eye surgery.

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