LASIK in La Jolla, CA

If you live in La Jolla, California and have an eye condition, we welcome and encourage you to visit Dr. Sandy T. Feldman at ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center.

Dr. Feldman's reputation as a world-renowned corneal expert has led her to perform surgery on thousands of patients, including doctors and other surgeons, plus a number of professional athletes. She has participated in FDA clinical studies of custom LASIK and has performed over 20,000 refractive procedures in her 20 years of experience. She has received numerous awards including the Goldline Award for being one of ten leading laser eye surgeons in the U.S., as seen in Forbes Magazine in 2009. She received the Silver Elite RealSelf award, Top Doc San Diego in 2010 and the Platinum Elite RealSelf award this year for being an active member and dedicated contributor to the community. Dr. Feldman was also inducted into the prestigious, American College of Ophthalmic Surgeons, and is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

At ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center, Dr. Feldman specializes in advanced vision correction surgery.  Patients from Southern California can benefit from her expertise as a LASIK surgeon. She performs iLASIK™ surgery using the IntraLase, the "All-laser LASIK," and CustomVueTM or custom LASIK. She also performs PRK for patients with thin corneas, or those who participate in contact sports. For patients suffering from Presbyopia (difficulty reading) who may not want laser vision correction surgery, Dr. Feldman offers other options in the form of implantable lenses such as the Crystalens accommodative lens or multifocal lenses such as the Tecnis Multifocal and Restor Multifocal implants, which enable the correction of both distance and reading vision.  For people with high prescriptions who are not candidates for LASIK, Dr. Sandy T. Feldman performs Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL).

Individuals who have keratoconus, a relatively common eye disease that causes progressive degeneration of the front surface of the eye, known as the cornea, Dr. Feldman is a clinical investigator of study utilizing the advanced technique of Collagen Cross-linking (CXL), a treatment used to strengthen the cornea.  Intacs are sometimes utilized to reduce astigmatism in patients with keratoconus as well.  For patients with cataracts, cataract surgery is also a great option to improve one's sight. When advanced intraocular lens implants are utilized, distance and/or reading vision are improved and a reduction of the need for glasses or contact lenses occurs.

Many patients from La Jolla trust Dr. Sandy T. Feldman as their vision correction surgeon based on her experience, expertise, and exceptional reputation. Please visit our Testimonials page to view patient testimonials. Dr. Sandy T. Feldman and the ClearView team gives each patient the personal attention, care and comfort he or she deserves. If you're considering LASIK or another vision-correcting procedure, we encourage you to carefully research your options. We would be delighted to answer your questions and look forward to hearing from you.