Eating Healthy Has Critical Effect On Maintaining Healthy Eyesight

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- -Vision is the one sense that people fear the most of losing yet, it is the sense that a majority do take for granted1. Most people know that eating healthy is good for their bodies to prevent diseases such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure, but many do not consider or realize it also has a great affect on their eye sight.

Many health conditions of the eye can be prevented or helped by having a healthy diet. Recent studies suggest that caffeine may help eyes produce tears and improve dryness,2,3 while eating a vegetarian diet lowered the risk of cataracts by 30%.4 Additionally, eating fruit may protect against the retinal problems that occur in diabetes4 and vitamin D consuming women had a 59% reduced risk of developing macular degeneration.5,6

"One of the best things for people to do is to get regular eye examinations, even if they are not experiencing difficulties. Everyone should consider the start of school as a reminder to undergo an eye examination as they do with their children's eyes. It's an appointment that is critical to maintaining your overall health status." said Dr. Sandy T. Feldman of ClearView Eye & Laser Medical Center. Summertime can also dry out your eyes so being aware of this and knowing how to prevent this falls right alongside, keeping an overall healthy daily balance with one's overall life" stated Dr. Feldman.

Dr. Sandy T. Feldman offers these healthy eating & summer care tips for individuals:

  • Eat Vitamin D containing foods include milk, fish, fortified cereal or take supplements. Consume at least 18 micrograms per day.
  • Make sure to consume a lot of dark green leafy vegetables which contain lutein and zeaxanthin.
  • Reduce the amount of meat and consider, a vegetarian diet.
  • Eating a diet rich in omega 3's and an intake in caffeine may help dryness.
  • Schedule regular eye examinations.
  • Find an eye doctor by looking up on the web:,

Dr. Sandy T. Feldman of ClearView Eye & Laser Medical Center, wants San Diegans to maintain their vision through healthy eating.


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