Breakthrough Computer Guided Laser Cataract Surgery, Finally Offers Patients Unprecedented Precision

SAN DIEGO, CA, February 2013 - Clearview Eye & Laser Medical Center announces the arrival of the world's most sophisticated laser cataract surgery system in Southern CA. In the U.S., about 3 million cataract surgeries are performed each year with a 98% success rate. As the baby boomer generation finds themselves with cataracts and loss of reading vision, an upward trend in the decision to opt for cataract or lens replacement surgery is increasing by the day.

The Catalys® Precision Laser System combines a state-of-the art laser, imaging, sophisticated software and a host of other unique features. This highly informed and tech savvy group desires all the advances in medicine that technology can bring. While all laser, bladeless LASIK has been available for many years as an option for patients to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses, the same revolution is now spreading to cataract and lens implant surgery.

Dr. Sandy T. Feldman of Clearview Eye & Laser Medical Center says, "This breakthrough with cataract surgery, enables surgeons to provide patients a gentle and highly customized procedure. It takes what is already a safe and effective procedure to clear cloudy vision caused by cataracts in the eyes and makes it much more precise, less risky and enables us to reduce the need for glasses." The Catalys Precision laser system creates a custom treatment plan using the advanced 3D imaging technology to creates a unique 3D image of an individual patient's eye. Then, the laser creates incisions including those for astigmatism correction if needed. The surgeon creates a circular opening in the thin capsule of the lens that is ten times better than that achieved by the surgeon's manual opening techniques. This step is critical to proper lens implant positioning.

Instead of using an ultrasound probe to "chop" the cloudy lens into small pieces, the femtosecond laser guided by computer control after 3D imaging is used to gently break up the lens with an unparalleled ease. This low energy approach is gentler on the delicate eye.

According to Dr. Feldman, "Patients choosing to undergo laser cataract surgery have many choices, and can now feel confident that this latest medical advancement provides them with a highly customized procedure with 3D imaging, a treatment with little or no discomfort, gentler and easier cataract removal and the opportunity to receive a tailored treatment to enjoy the benefits of new implants to reduce the need for glasses or contact lenses after cataract surgery." Dr. Feldman stated, "I enjoy giving my patients the option to choose not just cataract surgery with a more rapid recovery, but the option of visual freedom."

As a leader in the field of ophthalmology, Dr. Feldman has participated in FDA clinical studies of custom LASIK. Currently, she is involved in studies of a new treatment to halt the progression of keratoconus, a disease in which the eye becomes misshapen and fitting of contact lenses can become challenging. In 2009, she was one of ten laser eye care providers in the U.S. to receive the Goldline Award as seen Forbes Magazine. In 2010, she was awarded the Silver Elite RealSelf award, and in 2011, Top Doc San Diego and was inducted into the prestigious American College of Ophthalmic Surgeons. Dr. Feldman is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

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