How to Help Your Eyes Beat the Heat

BREAKING NEWS: It’s been a record-setting hot summer all over the world, and it’s not over yet - even with Labor Day looming on the horizon, temperatures are still off the charts in many places. Extreme heat, harsh sunlight and blasts of Sahara-like dry air can all take a toll on the body, particularly the eyes.

WHY THIS IS TIMELY: According to Sandy Feldman MD, Medical Director of Clearview Eye & Laser Medical Center in San Diego, your eyes need as much extra care in the heat as your skin. The eyes are more prone to infections this time of year, along with a host of other conditions:

Eye Allergies can be caused by the rise in temperature and pollutants in the air. Common symptoms include itching, redness and a burning sensation.

Conjunctivitis is another common summertime condition, with symptoms like eye redness, a prickling sensation, discharge and watery eyes.

Styes are a result of a bacterial infection in the eyelid. Symptoms include swelling, redness and pain.

Dry eye syndrome spikes whenever it’s hot outside, as dry winds zap protective layers of tears.

Dr. Feldman offers some tried-and-true advice:

  • Never go outside without sunglasses. Shades with 100 percent UV protection are best.
  • Try to sleep at least six to eight hours to help eyes naturally rejuvenate.
  • If your eyes are puffy or red, try splashing cold water on your face a few times a day.

WHO CAN TELL YOU MORE: Dr. Sandy Feldman, one of the nation’s most respected ophthalmologists and LASIK experts.

CONTACT ME: I can arrange an interview with Dr. Feldman to discuss this or any other eye-related topic. Contact Diana Soltesz at [email protected] or 818-618-5634.

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: Sandy T. Feldman, MD is the Medical Director of Clearview Eye & Laser Medical Center - voted best LASIK center in San Diego by the San Diego Union Tribune (2016 and 2017) and CityBeat Magazine two years in a row. Her numerous awards include “Top Doc San Diego” and the Goldline Award, an honor granted to only 10 laser eye care providers in the U.S. each year. She has also been profiled in Forbes, Newsweek, and other respected publications. Dr. Feldman is a fellow of the prestigious American College of Ophthalmic Surgeons, as well as a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. She has successfully performed more than 20,000 refractive procedures. For more information, visit

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