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Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine used for treating ailments of the eye surgically. While ophthalmologists may perform routine eye exams and screens, like an optometrist, ophthalmologists are medical doctors and surgeons.

As your Ophthalmologist

Ophthalmologist, Dr. Sandy T. Feldman at ClearView Eyes has a vast amount of knowledge of the study of physiology, anatomy, and pathology of the eye as well as the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the eye. Dr. Feldman specializes in Personalized LASIK, Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking (CXL), Cataract Surgery and Advanced Surface Ablation (PRK) along with many other procedures.

What Ophthalmologist Dr. Feldman can offer you

Personalized Lasik

Personalized Lasik is one of Dr. Sandy T. Feldman's most sought after procedures, She starts by making a complex 3D digital map of the imperfections of your eyes through a computer-mapping program called the WaveScan wavefront system. After this map is completed it is transferred to the VISX excimer laser that will be used to fit your particular vision needs. Dr. Feldman will then make a thin surface flap on the cornea to expose the tissue underneath, and use the advanced wavefront-guided excimer laser to precisely reshape your corneal tissue. The result is exceptionally clear vision.

Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking (CXL)

Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking also known as CXL is a procedure used to treat Keratoconus, (a disease in which the cornea becomes weak, thin and irregularly shaped). CXL intensifies the cornea by permitting it to reconstruct new cross-links between the collagen fibers. These new cross-links help strengthen the cornea which halts the thinning process and further loss of vision. Through a research study, ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center is now able to provide this investigational treatment to our patients. As of November 2012 Dr. Sandy T. Feldman is the only Ophthalmologist in the San Diego area providing this treatment.

Cataract Surgery

As an Ophthalmologist Dr. Sandy T. Feldman offers a vast array of treatment options for patients suffering from cataracts, both surgical and non surgical. Cataracts form when the protein components of your eyes' lenses bundle together and form a cloudy area, the larger it becomes, the harder it is to see. There are three types of cataracts, Nuclear cataracts, Cortical cataracts, and Subcapsular cataracts. Nuclear cataracts form in the center of the lens, these frequently develop during the aging process. Cortical cataracts form in the outside of the lens and becomes internal with time, this is common in patients with diabetes. Subcapsular cataracts form at the back of the lens, these are usually found in patients who take steroid medication, have diabetes, farsightedness or retinitis pigmentosa. If the development of cataracts is new and does not extremely impact your vision a nonsurgical method can be used to help improve your vision temporarily such as prescription glasses or bifocals. If the cataracts are past this stage Dr. Feldman offers many options for you to choose from, including implanting an intraocular lens in the place of your natural, clouded lens. ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center offers the following treatments:

  • Crystalens ®
  • ReSTOR ®
  • ReZoom ™
  • Tecnis ™
  • IOL Lenses available

Advanced Surface Ablation (PRK)

Dr. Sandy T. Feldman of San Diego is proud to offer Advanced Surface Ablation (PRK) as a vision correction option for patients who suffer from, nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Custom PRK is similar to Lasik; the only major variance between the procedures is that there will be no corneal flap created at the beginning of the PRK laser eye surgery. Because of this, the laser reshapes the surface of the cornea instead of the corneal tissue under the flap. This procedure can take more time to heal then Lasik but may be a better choice for patients that have larger pupils or thin corneas.

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