STAAR Visian Intraocular Lens

The STAAR Visian™ intraocular lens was the first of its kind to be approved for use in the United States. The Visian lens is used to treat nearsightedness and is surgically implanted into the eye. The Visian lens is placed behind the iris and in front your natural lens, which is referred to as the 'posterior chamber' of the eye. Once in this position, the Visian lens improves your vision by optimizing the way light enters your eye.

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Benefits and Risks of the Visian Lens Procedure

Renowned San Diego eye surgeon Dr. Feldman offers Visian implantable contacts because of the many benefits they offer her patients. Some of these benefits include:

  • Visian lenses are capable of correcting a wide range of myopia or nearsightedness
  • It's a safe procedure, that is completely reversible
  • The lens is biocompatible
  • The procedure allows patients who don't qualify for laser vision correction to effectively treat their eyesight
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There are very few risks and complications associated with the Visian lenses due to their relatively simple implant and removal procedure, and that they do not touch any other key components of your eye. As with any surgery, there are a few minor risks, which include:

  • There is a 0.4 percent chance of developing a very small cataract
  • Any kind of surgical procedure carries a slight risk of infection
  • The need for glasses or contacts if your vision declines with age (or you can implant a higher strength Visian lens)

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