Staar Visian Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Visian™ lens placed inside of the eye?

It is placed in the eye's posterior chamber between the iris and the eye's natural lens.

How many people have the Visian lens right now?

Nearsight Lens users in San DiegoThere are over 50,000 patients using the Visian lens worldwide, with a satisfaction rate of over 99 percent.

Is the Visian lens biocompatible?

Yes, it is made of Collamer, a highly advanced biocompatible material.

How long will the Visian lens last?

It should last for many decades, but can be taken out if patients need other eye surgery or a better technology becomes available.

What is the procedure like?

One or two weeks before surgery, Dr. Feldman will use a laser to create a tiny opening that allows fluid to pass between your natural lens and the front chamber of your eye. Right before the surgery, she will administer a local anesthetic to your eye and then insert the Visian lens through the tiny opening and into the correct position. The whole procedure should take about 15 minutes.

Will I have Visian lenses placed in both eyes at once?

No, Dr. Feldman will do one eye at a time so you can sustain normal activities and make sure there are no complications.

Does the procedure hurt?

Patients generally only feel mild discomfort due to the local anesthetic. Eye drops and a prescription medication will be provided to help manage any discomfort you may experience.

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