The Tecnis™ Intraocular lens (IOL) is one of the most advanced intraocular lenses available for cataract surgery patients today because it was developed using WaveFront technology that our surgeon currently uses for Custom LASIK and PRK procedures in our San Diego office.

Cataracts Surgeon in San DiegoLike the ReSTOR®, ReZoom™ and Crystalens® IOLs, the Tecnis lens is surgically implanted into your eye to replace the natural, clouded lens during cataract surgery. Using patented technology, the Tecnis lens not only corrects the clouding you were experiencing with cataracts, but it can improve your distance sight to the clarity you had when you were young. What patients' love about the Tecnis lens the most is its ability to help them see fifty feet further when driving compared to a standard IOL implant.

How Does the Tecnis IOL Work?

The Tecnis lens' ability to improve your vision at all distances can be attributed to its modified, spherical shape that was engineered after optical scientists scanned the corneas and crystalline lenses of a large sample population using WaveFront technology. The result is a lens shape that reduces spherical aberration and greatly improves both functional vision and light contrast sensitivity.

The Tecnis IOL Procedure

During cataract surgery, Dr. Feldman gently inserts the Tecnis lens into your eye through a tiny incision after removing your natural lens. After it's in place, your vision will be greatly improved within a couple of weeks. The procedure is virtually painless and healing time should only take a few days.

To learn more about Tecnis lenses or to find out more about cataract surgery with renowned San Diego IOL cataracts surgeon Dr. Sandy T. Feldman, please call or email us today to. She is committed to giving you the personal attention you deserve and ensuring your comfort throughout the vision correction process.

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