Testimonial: C. Norris

Dr Feldman & Staff

As a recent patient to this office, I can freely admit now that I was terrified of the pending LASIK procedure. (I had my sugery June 1st) I have owrked in the optometrics field in the past, and witnessed first hand the things that can go wrong with an inexperienced physician.

From the start, I was welcomed on the phone by Aaron, who calmed my initial fears and sent the forms for me to fill out. When I arrvied, I was greeted by a very friendly and sincere staff. They were extrememly nice about all my questions, and when Patrick had to run my tests, he patiently answered my numerous questions without making me feel like a pest.

Michael then allowed me the opportunity to be part of a new study to facilitate quicker healing after the surgery. I am very I was able to participate, it made the follow-up after surgery a breeze.

Dr. Feldman could not have been nicer, explaining exactly what would occur before I was to have the surgery, and then on the day of the surgery, she patiently explained every step of what was happeing. I felt no pain, and it was over in a matter of minutes. I am kicking myself that I did not have this done so much sooner, there nothing to it.

The follow-up with everyone has been wonderful! I waited until I could go swimming to see if it really works, and it does!! The clarity of my surrondings, what I am able to see now oppsed to the limiting effects of contact lenses, was I thinking?? I could have had this vision years ago. I am truly thankful that I have had this surgery and have already recommended Dr. Feldman to quite a few others. The staff knows their work and the whole thing was a breeze!

One thing I do recommend, drink alot of water! It does seem to help with the healing process. Today, I see 20/15, and couldn't be happier with the results!


Cecelia Norris

Escondido, CA