Testimonial: Thang

Dr. Sandy T. Feldman, one of the most renowned corneal eye specialists and surgeons in San Diego, has been performing corneal and refractive eye surgery for more than twenty years. During that time, her consistent record of success has helped her gain the respect of her peers and the sincere thanks of her patients.

She is so well-respected by her peers that Dr. Josef Bille, the inventor of WaveScanŽ Technology and founder of 20/10 Perfect Vision, traveled 20 hours to have his Custom LASIK procedure performed by her.

I have always wanted to have LASIK eye surgery done for years, but I was afraid to do so, thinking that it was a major ordeal because it is my eyes and I don't want to go blind. I researched online and found multiple places that would do LASIK eye surgery, but none of them had the expertise, great testimonials/reviews, and wonderful service that ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center does. Sure there are a lot of places that are less expensive, but when it comes to my eyes, you really do get what you pay for. I wanted the best and I found the best in Dr. Sandy T. Feldman.