Testimonial: Fabbi Frontiero

Thank you so much for everything your office has done! I am very pleased with my results. I had surgery July 2nd, 2011 and have been a completely different person since. My anxiety levels have drastically dropped, my ability to work on a computer has increased, reading without having my contacts dry out, and many other things! Most importantly all outdoor activities involving water like swimming and going to the beach are possible now thanks to my surgery. I am especially thankful for the office staff and Dr. Feldman you guys were amazing throughout the entire process! Also being an EMT with poor eye sight was never ideal for my career. Not only is my eye sight better but I do not have to worry about infections/contamination like I used to for wearing contacts. I continue to see my routine optometrist once a year for an annual preventative exam and he is happy to see me live my life so differently now.

I have attached some pictures of the things I love to do (and CAN do) now. One of my favorites is make-up. I love love love makeup especially for the weekends, and I no longer have to worry about how irritated or itchy my eyes will be if I do my eye makeup.

Thank you
Fabbi S. Frontiero, B.S.