Testimonial: Jenny Cavnar

Dear Dr. Feldman,

I never realized the freedom that would come from having Lasik eye surgery.
After having the procedure, it wasn't just being able to see 20/20 by the next day, it was the feeling of going to bed and waking up without having to hassle with contacts and glasses.

After 20 years of needing vision correction, I am finally free to discover a world where you don't have to pack contact cases and solution in your purse, desk drawer and glove box for when the dreaded wind strikes or the eye make-up isn't cooperating.

My biggest joy has been at work where the world of sports is seen so clearly with my new eyes. I can look down to read a scorecard, then look up to catch the action in "high definition" (as my good friend Chris Ello says) without having to let my vision adjust for distance. The scoreboard on the other side of the stadium is as clear as the jersey's I see next to me on the sideline.

Thank you Dr. Feldman and staff for your compassion, enthusiasm and patience when it comes to making every patient see the world in a whole new way.

I am forever grateful!

Jenny Cavnar
Sports Reporter/Anchor
Channel 4 San Diego