Testimonial: John

My vision before the procedure was so bad I always joked that if there was some sort of catastrophic earthquake or something I would be gone within two weeks. I probably wouldn't survive. I wore contacts all day every day. Every evening I'd have extremely bloodshot eyes. It was really uncomfortable and I would have a hard time during social events. I had a couple of clients say that they came to Sandy T Feldman and were just amazed by the experience I have been super stoked by the professionalism here. It's been about 15 hours since I had the procedure and I just got tested for my vision. I'm 20/15. I'm just blown away. I feel like I can see better now than when I had my glasses on. I'm shocked that it hasn't even been one day and I'm already seeing that well. The procedure was super quick with no pain at all. There was hardly even any discomfort. They walked me through it and talked me through it. It was awesome. It was better than I imagined.