Testimonial: Karen A.

I think the thing that brought me in was when I couldn't really see people's faces and I wasn't sure they were looking at me. I wasn't sure if I knew them, I could see if they were looking at me or smiling at me. I would walk in and especially if the lights were dim, I wasn't really sure who were my children if they were all in a little huddle. Socially it was kind of becoming a problem. Right away I could see. I noticed my children's eyelashes and the light on their eyelashes. In fact I was probably bothering them because I kept saying the things I saw. I was very impressed with how Dr. Sandy T. Feldman approached me and spoke with me. Actually the entire staff was so professional and friendly. I felt totally confident. They had their stuff together. They interacted with each other in a totally professional manner and the doctor was just very kind, listened to all my concerns, and took the time that I needed.