Testimonial: Linda T.

I work where I do contract management and I'm reading contracts all day and looking at a computer all day for my day job, and I'm on the computer and 'm on the computer all the time working with people in my own business. I'm so tired of getting up to work out in the morning, I go out to the garage, I have to have my glasses on because my workouts are all on a DVD. Could not see the remote control to hit Play or Menu. But what really solidified the decision for me was the fact that the inventor of the procedure flew from Germany to here to have Sandy T. Feldman his procedure. For me that was a done deal.

Get off the fence and get it done. I'm not even 24 hours out, there has been no pain. People ask me if I was nervous and I said "I'm not a bit nervous! I'm very excited" So just being able to throw on a pair of sunglasses and go in the ocean and not risk losing your prescription is going to be really cool. I can do whatever I want and I'm really happy about it!