Testimonial: Matt W.

I work in the surf industry and I work for a company called Surf Hardware International. At a distance my vision was very bad so anything 15 feet or further, I couldn't really see while I was driving. Even if I was surfing it was hard to see incoming waves or people for that matter. I chose Dr. Sandy T. Feldman because I heard a lot of advertising going on the radio. Two my co-workers actually went to her as well so that made it easier to make a decision. If you're unsure about coming here or anywhere I would definitely start here. I'm sure if you live in San Diego you've heard the name Sandy T. Feldman several times. Obviously I surf and I grew up skateboarding and hearing she did Tony Hawk's eyes was kind of a big thing for myself. I took a step outside and I was amazed. Even on the drive over here I was seeing signs from a distance I had never seen before. After coming here there was no other choice for me.