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Testimonial: Megan N.

I work at Geico in the sales department, so you call in and you're like "I want a quote" and I'm like "Okay I'll give you quote" so then I have to stare at the computer the whole time and pretty much take you through the whole application. My whole eight hours is nothing but computer. Sandy T. Feldman has the best reviews, and so honest, you can tell just by her lifestyle, it even has a whole bio about her. Next month actually I start to be a flight attendant so I was like "ok, this is it, I can't wear glasses, I can't wear contacts" You can't adjust those while you're on the plane. This is it, I have to do it. I called and the staff who is here is phenomenal. My contacts for a whole year cost hundreds of dollars. My glasses themselves, if I want to get a nice frame, after the whole the last year, was $450 for everything after insurance. So that's just one year and I have to do the next year and the next year. After three years I have come to the exact same cost. Am I going to spend that money on contacts? Then take them out before I got to bed, get my makeup messed up in them. Or am I going to spend now and then have it for the rest of my life. This is the best life investment ever.

I'm one of those people who like to research a lot, I will spend months and months researching. Out of every single doctor Sandy T. Feldman was the best one to go to. She takes care of every single person like they're not a number, like they really are her true patient and she wants to take care of you. From her to the way that she does the procedure, the procedure itself; just nailed it. The dentist is scarier. The shot that the dentist puts in you to numb your gums is a million times worse than this. This wasn't bad at all. The fear is usually "what if they mess up my eye?" Well you can't, it's the technology, it won't do that to you. That's why you got to Sandy T. Feldman because she spends the most on the best.

So now that I have my eyes corrected by Clearview here with Sandy T. Feldman I can finally just go to the beach on a regular weekend and not have to worry about having to bring my glasses and those getting dirty or lost or bringing my contacts and now there goes my contact. This is the best life investment ever.

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