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Alright Slater Crusaders, I know that you've thought about getting Lasik before but for some reason you didn't move forward and there were a few reasons why I didn't back then. I heard of Lasik maybe 3 years ago before I finally got it and I thought it was too expensive without ever finding how much it costs. I didn't want to get Lasik, this is actually my number 1 reason because I thought that if you ever got Lasik then you couldn't fly in an F-16 and that's the number 1 thing on my bucket list that I want to do in my life.

So among other questions I had, I asked Dr. Sandy T. Feldman about that, "If I get a Lasik, can I still fly an F-16?" And she said, "Yes, we do surgery on guys in the military, air force, the marines all the time." "Done!"

Dr. Sandy T. Feldman is the best, absolute best! Rated top 15 Lasik surgeons in the entire country. Other Lasik surgeons go to her for their Lasik surgery and it will change your life, every waking hour of your life. If you wear glasses, if you have contacts, or if have anything less than perfect vision call Clearview Eye & Laser Medical Center and ask any questions you have no matter how goofy like the question I have about the F-16s. It'll the greatest phone call you've ever made. Everyone I've talked to who had Lasik from Dr. Feldman is thrilled, beyond words, a loss for words thrilled! So join the club.

Enough living your life without perfect vision. Just call them and ask whatever is holding you back from getting Lasik and being able to see.

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