Testimonial: Scott M.

I'm an estimator for a plumbing company, I actually sit in front of a computer most days. I couldn't really see. Up close I was good but distances I had trouble seeing. Just sitting on the couch, watching TV, driving, couldn't really see street signs or things of that nature. It was amazing when I woke up this morning and I pop on the TV and can actually see it without having to put my glasses on. Everything was crystal clear and driving over here this morning for my exam I was amazed. So far it's well worth it. Not having to worry about your glasses anymore, making sure your glasses are clean, do you have your sunglasses with you, you know, all that stuff. I go out to the river a lot during the summer so I'm looking forward to not having my contacts in out there. At the advice of my eye doctor she just came very highly recommended and as I said, Dr. Sandy T. Feldman is as advertised: I'm very excited about that.