Testimonial: Sean A.

I do internet marketing, so I'm actually on the computer all day. So for far distance I don't reedit that much but my eyes do get strained a lot. With driving I can't do anything without glasses. I used to do Jiu Jitsu and my contacts would get popped out every time I went to practice. I'm definitely excited to try it out in a couple weeks to try wrestling and all that. After I already made my appointment for the consultation, but before I went to the consultation, I fell on my bike and my eyeglasses got run over by a car. I was gonna have to pay two or three hundred bucks to get new glasses anyways. If you look down the road of how many times I was going to have to by glasses it's definitely worth it.

I'm excited for the summer without glasses to be able to bike ride; I ride my bike everywhere so it'd be nice not to worry about glare at night. I'm excited just to go to the beach and to wear just sunglasses, because I'd always put my big sunglasses over my regular glasses. Everybody here has been nice. I'm definitely recommending this place if you're anywhere in San Diego.