Testimonial: R.O.

Dear Dr. Feldman,

Seven years ago, I came to you with the hope you could correct my rather acute nearsightedness, which had been part of my life for 50 years. At the time and without correction, I could see things clearly if they were within 6 inches from my eyes, and I had a strong astigmatism. With corrective lenses, my eyesight could only be improved to a little better than 20x40 vision, barely good enough to pass the California drivers eye test. After you had conducted a very careful evaluation of my eyes and eye history, you agreed I was a good candidate for LASIK surgery and we moved forward with the procedure.

As a result of your absolutely outstanding work, I was corrected to better than 20x20 vision in both eyes without any remaining astigmatism, and my vision has remained this way. Since that time, I have enjoyed waking up each morning with perfect vision. Colors are more vibrant, my vision is sharp, and the world is clearer than ever possible with corrective lenses. The quality of my life has improved immeasurably, because I can see better than I thought possible!

I have never received a gift of greater value or one I have appreciated more than the gift of perfect eyesight!! You gave me something I had wanted all my life. Thank you so very much.

I wish you all success.