Testimonial: Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk
Tony Hawk
Professional Skateboarder

Why did you decide to have laser vision correction?

When I realized that it was almost too-difficult-and even dangerous-to drive without using my prescription lenses. Although I barely passed the DMV eye test the last time, I could tell that my eyesight had been getting worse since then. If I had taken the same test before my surgery, I couldn't have passed it without glasses.

My degenerating eyesight was also affecting my career as a professional skateboarder. It was getting increasingly difficult to judge distance and clarity on skating obstacles and surfaces.

What was the experience like?

It was extremely quick. Basically, all I did was lay back and stare straight ahead. The entire procedure lasted less than 10 minutes. As I left the office, I looked up and I could read the road signs on the other side of the street. It was already successful, and the healing process had just started.

How has laser vision correction changed your life?

Everything is in focus: trees, signs, movies, television, ramps, menus and even people. I can now recognize someone without having to get close to them. My wife no longer catches me squinting or has to reprimand me for not wearing my glasses. I have become justification for all my friends and family that laser corrective surgery works wonders.

I now have a freedom that I never thought was possible!