Dave doesn't need Glasses anymore Thanks to Laser Vision

"We don't need our glasses anymore"

Woman: Dave, what does this say? Man: Oh, their brochure? I don't know. Go get the glasses and I'll read it to you. Woman: Where are they? Man: I don't know. Woman: Where did you put them? Man: I gave them to you last. You have the glasses? Woman: Dave, if we have this procedure, we won't have to worry about it. Man: Here they are, right here. Let me read that. It says, "Thinking about laser vision correction?" And that's what we're going to do. Woman: And we did do it and it's great. Man: We don't need the glasses anymore. Woman: Not anymore! We are going to throw them away. Man: It's been a great experience for both us. Not only that, Dr. Feldman is great! Woman: And Dr. Luna and the staff. Man: Everybody has been great! You know what? All you have to do is follow their directions and it makes the healing process totally . . . Woman: Painless.

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