Rich Hill - iLasik Surgery

Head Baseball Coach of the University of San Diego Shares his iLASIK Story.

NARRATOR: Meet Rich Hill, Head Baseball Coach for the University of San Diego. As both a coach and athlete, Rich was looking to laser surgery to provide him clear, crisp vision to see the outfield during the daytime and to be able to coach effectively during those nighttime games.

RICH HILL: In my profession when the eyesight really started to get bad, contacts, glasses, surfing on the field, change in sun glasses, all those things were just totally inconvenient.

DR. SANDY T. FELDMAN: The challenge of treating Rich Hill was that he had to have perfect distance vision and his night vision had to be superb too, being able to see the players and the ball at night.

For Rich Hill it was really, really important to give him the best vision possible.

RICH HILL: To be on the baseball field and just to be able to see into the outfield, read the signs on the outfield fence, to have everything in as high-definition mode is something that has kind of opened up a new world for me.

DR. FELDMAN: Rich Hill is a very driven person. As such he is a superb baseball coach. As a patient, though, he wasn't a very patient individual. Rich was on the field giving interviews within six hours of his laser eye surgery. It is surgery. It is important to rest a little bit.

RICH HILL: After the surgery I wanted to get out and get to our practice session that afternoon. We had a 4:30 PM practice I went to. I was energetic, doing my thing and even doing a few push-ups with the guys and a couple of sit-ups.

NARRATOR: In Rich's case, he has experienced virtually no post-surgery issues. Although he will continue to improve with time, after only seven days his vision is already better than it was with his contacts.