Russell's Wonderful Account of his iLASIK!

"She gave me a new set of eyes that will last me for the rest of my life"

Russell's Wonderful Account of his iLASIK!

RUSSELL: I'm getting LASIK surgery done today. I'm getting it done so I can see better. I'm tired of wearing glasses or putting in contacts in the morning. I drive. When I wake up in the morning it's not like I want to stick something foreign in my eyes.

DR. SANDY T. FELDMAN: I met with Russell and determined that the iLASIK procedure was the best procedure for him.

RUSSELL: I think LASIK is going to impact me, especially when I am travelling, by not worrying about breaking my glasses or having to find something if anything happens to them like when I'm overseas. Just being able to see everything super clearly, I think that is going to be an awesome experience.

DR. FELDMAN: LASIK otherwise known as In-Situ Laser-Assisted Keratomileusis is a procedure which involves lasers to correct one's vision.

RUSSELL: With the actual procedure, the experience I had wasn't bad at all. I expected it to be longer than it was. I was nervous but it was painless. It was quick and it was painless.

DR. FELDMAN: The laser vision correction procedures take about five minutes an eye to perform. It is a modern miracle. It enables people to see without glasses or contact lenses and gives people the opportunity to experience visual freedom.

RUSSELL: It was about 15 minutes after the procedure when I noticed my vision was improving. There was a little bit of cloudiness right after the procedure. I was told to wear dark glasses as I was sensitive to light but immediately you can tell there was some clarity there that you didn't have before.

DR. FELDMAN: Laser vision correction can correct near sightedness, far sightedness and an astigmatism. That is most prescriptions that exist.

RUSSELL: I'm very pleased with the results from the procedure. The number one thing I am happy with is when you are not wearing your glasses and somebody is saying "Hi!" to you from a distance and you are kind of like "Who is that person?" I would have no idea who that person was and didn't want to be rude so I kind of gave a wave. Now I can actually see who they are!

DR. FELDMAN: Depending upon one's prescription, as much as 98% of the people, and that's almost everyone, sees 20/20 or better. In low to moderate prescriptions almost three-quarters of the people see 20/15 or better. Better than 20/20 vision!

EYE TECHNICIAN: Okay, Russ if you will go ahead and hold that up to your left eye for me please. Looking at the eye chart, what is the lowest line you can make out?



RUSSELL: I came in for my post-op check up and they ran me through the tests that they did before the procedure. When they ran me through the eye charts, there were lines before that I didn't even really know had letters on them. Afterward I wasn't even squinting. I wasn't even struggling to see them. I could just call them out. They said I had 20/15 vision in my right eye and in my left eye I had 20/20 vision but combined it was 20/15. That was better than I ever had expected! I was stunned to have 20/15 vision! Dr. Feldman exceeded my expectations. My brother had surgery here a few years ago and so I knew she was good. She was right on target.

DR. FELDMAN: His vision in each eye is 20/15 or better (20/10) and he is seeing everything. He has a little bit of dryness. Over time, as the eye heals, the dryness improves. It's fantastic!

RUSSELL: I would like to thank Dr. Feldman for doing such good work and being great at what she does. She gave me a new set of eyes that will last me for the rest of my life.

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