Verisyse Implantable Contact Lenses

Implantable Contact Lens Patients from San DiegoVerisyse Implantable Contact Lenses have been used to treat moderate to severe nearsightedness, also called myopia. The Verisyse lenses are shaped much like regular contact lenses, but they are implanted into the eye between the cornea and iris. When they are in place, they give your eyes another focusing lens to use and provide you with the high-quality vision.

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Verisyse Risks and Benefits

The benefits of Verisyse lenses include that:

  • Patients who don't qualify for Personalized LASIK due to a high prescription or for other medical reasons can still achieve surgical vision correction.
  • An FDA study concluded that 95 percent of the 662 patients who received Verisyse implants improved their vision to 20/40 or better.
  • Patients have reduced dependency on wearing prescription contacts or glasses.
  • The procedure is completely reversible.

Complications and risks of implanting Verisyse lenses are rare, but include:

  • Inflammation and infection
  • Inadequate lens power
  • Loss of epithelial cells covering your cornea
  • An increased risk of retinal detachment and cataracts
  • Haloes, eye pressure and difficult night driving

If you are located in the San Diego area and would like to learn more, please contact us to schedule a complimentary Verisyse Implantable Contact Lens consultation with renowned eye surgeon Dr. Sandy T. Feldman.  During your appointment, she will speak with you one-on-one about your specific vision needs and personally address any questions or concerns you might have.

ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center provides Verisyse implantable contact lenses in the San Diego, California area. We offer this web page as general information. This information should not be considered formal medical advice. Please contact us today for formal advice during a complimentary Verisyse implantable contact lens consultation in San Diego.

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