Presbyopia - or "over 40 eyes" is first experienced by most adults in their forties or early fifties. Presbyopia makes it harder to read or see details up close without reading glasses.

Throughout your life, the natural lens within your eye gradually becomes less pliable, making it more difficult for your eye to focus on nearby objects.  When the condition progresses enough to reduce your ability to read or see other details up close, it is called presbyopia.

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Symptoms of Presbyopia

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The most common symptom of presbyopia is that objects very near to you look blurred. This makes it difficult to read while causing discomfort and fatigue when you do try to focus on nearby objects for an extended period. Some patients also report that their vision remains blurred for a few seconds or minutes when they shift their focus from near objects to objects farther away.

Presbyopia Options and Surgical Treatments

Non-surgical options to treat presbyopia include the use of reading glasses, bifocal glasses, bifocal contacts or 'monovision' contacts (wearing a contact in one eye to clearly see objects close up and a contact in the other eye to see objects far away). Surgical treatment options include Monovision LASIK and the insertion of an advanced intraocular lenses.  You can read detailed information about these treatments by clicking the links below:

  • Contact Lenses for Monovision : Regular contact lenses can be prescribed to let one of your eyes easily focus on nearby objects, while allowing the other to see objects far away.
  • Monovision LASIK : Using WaveFront-guided LASIK or PRK , Dr. Feldman precisely reshapes your corneas so that one eye sees well at a distance and the other eye can focus on objects up close.

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ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center provides Presbyopia vision correction procedures in the San Diego, California area. We offer this web page as general information about Presbyopia. This information should not be considered formal medical advice. Please contact us today for formal advice during a complimentary Presbyopia consultation in San Diego.

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